Garden Makeover


I know some people up north are thinking of preparing for the colder months. Thankfully for us, in Palm Beach County, the colder months are the perfect months to makeover the garden. We decided to change it up a little, and I couldn’t be more excited!

We took out the garden beds that we had in the yard and now brought the garden in the patio. We are lucky to have nice weather all year long in Florida. We always spend time in our patio. Our house is on a lake and the boys like to fish, so it’s a great spot to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and wind down. Now the patio feels extra cozy and has a fresh look. If you are looking to change up your garden, here’s what we did…  It was super easy. 


I started with a simple metal bar cart, which I am now obsessed with!  Then I  purchased a metal tray table that holds about 2 plants.  

Here are some similar pieces that would work great. 

Amazon(Love this one and it has 3 tiers($59.99) or the option for 2 tiers($39.99)):



Amazon($65.54): (This one is a great price and comes in all different colors!)




I needed a plant stand to hold my lemon tree so I picked up a plain black metal stand:

Amazon($34.99):  These are beautiful:


After purchasing all the great plants (lemon tree, rosemary, parsley, basil, kale, romaine, and eggplant) and all the stands, I had to accessorize! That really made it all come together.

My favorite purchase!  Ordered online at Target… Watering Can

Garden Gloves

Love the wooden handles on these Garden Tools

Printed towel

Assorted Ceramic pots

Here a few other items I already had that you might like to finish off the space:

Perfect White Pitcher for fresh picked flowers

There are so many String Lights to choose from. We bought them last year and put them on every night to warm the space.  


I hope this has encouraged you to grow your own food or warm up a space you don’t use often.  Either way, it’s a fun project.  I am just hoping that my patio gets enough sun…

I guess I should have thought of that first.