Shelby Truly Photography

A few weeks ago, my family had the pleasure of meeting Shelby of Shelby Truly Photography.  Shelby introduced me to Documentary Family Photography.  Documentary Family Photography is about preserving slices of life.  These sessions are not posed, or directed in any way.  The goal of these sessions isn’t “picture perfect” photos, but to create photographs that help you remember how your life actually was.
Shelby came to our house on a typical Thursday morning.  This morning included me and my husband getting our boys ready for school, walking to school and then going for an ultrasound for our new child that is on the way.  At first I wasn’t sure what to expect but Shelby made us feel comfortable and basically told us to forget that she was even there! A mother herself, Shelby is amazing with children.


When chatting with Shelby, you can hear her passion for what she does.  I asked her why she loved this kind of unique style and sessions.  “I love these sessions because getting to photograph genuine interaction between loved ones is the best!  Life is messy, chaotic, and a bit mundane, but there is so much love, humor, and beauty in it! My favorite thing to photograph are full day in the life sessions because it gives me time to really get to know a family, and create images that are tell their story,”  Shelby explained.


Why should someone invest in this type of photo session rather than a posed shoot?   The great thing about these sessions is they aren’t stressful.  There is no need to pose, dress up or force the kids (or your husband!) to smile. This approach to family photography allows people to be themselves, no need to fake anything or pretend to be Pinterest perfect.  These sessions are for people who see the beauty in their authentic everyday life, and want to preserve it through photographs.
I hope if you find this style of photography interesting you will reach out to Shelby.  The days are long but the years are short.  This allowed our family’s basic morning to be captured and allowed me to see the beauty of every day with my amazing family.
Check out the amazing video Shelby put together:


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