A Floridian’s Faux Fall


She wears thigh-high suede boots and a cozy cotton mini-dress as she sips a hot latte and strolls through a charming park on a brisk fall day. Her golden retriever, who coincidently matching her head-to-toe autumn color palette, plays whimsically in the fallen leaves as they walk.

This, or something very close to it, is that picturesque moment that comes to mind when the first wave of “fall vibes” hit. But not here in Florida. The wave that hits us fashionistas, excited for the new season… is a heatwave. While most are enjoying cooler temperatures, cozy knits, and blowouts that last for days, we are (still) battling 92-degree weather, wearing anything that won’t stick to us, and pulling our hair back in the inevitable loss to humidity. 

So, what’s a girl supposed to do when the weather still feels tropical where she lives, but all the Fashion Weeks, style influencers, and top shopping sites are trying to dress her for vacay in the Alps? The answer is we make small strides to fall fashion with specific transitional wardrobe pieces that will work with the climate we love/hate.

As one of those frustrated ladies of style who just wants to express her fab fall vibes, I’m here to help you find and embrace Florida’s fall fashion. These are my top 5 tips for styling and transitioning from our beautiful beach attire to our Faux Fall:

  1. The Bootie: My savior. The beauty of these beautiful beasts is that they can go with just about everything that qualifies as “fall” couture. I love them with decent length shorts, long sleeve mini dresses, and even a flowy maxi. They add pizazz, sass and can give a pseudo-summer outfit a definite fall vibe.
    Bottega Veneta pouch
    Suede Bootie
    Halter Dress


  2. The Light Scarf: I feel hypocritical saying this as you will likely never find me in a scarf, but the light ones do work for that beyond beach boho look. To give your scarves a fall feel, try them with a tank dress when it’s still hot or in lieu of a jacket over an evening mini dress.
    Silk Enzo Costa Dress
    Louis Vuitton shawl
    Saint Laurent Tribute Sandal


  3. The Long Sleeve Mini Dress: I am always about the mini dress, especially when the temps turn, and you need a layer up top but don’t want a jacket. Choose one that is airy and light – think silk, satin, breathable.
    Etro Dress
    Bottega Veneta red mini pouch
    Alexandre Birman Sandal


  4. The IRO Leather Coat: I probably should have bought stock in the IRO coat. They are so versatile, light, and can look just as good zipped up as thrown over your shoulders. There are so many colors and styles to choose from now. They are great to throw over your shoulders to produce a Fall “almost chilly vibe” as well as keep you warm in the often-unbearable AC.
    ALC Monica Tee
    Veronica Beard Jeans
    IRO Jacket


  5. The Big & Bold Accessory: Last but not least, nothing feels like a breath of fresh air after summer’s layered necklaces and barely-there belts than some big STUFF. I am talking oversized, chunky necklaces, belts, shades, and even bags. Choose them in autumn/neutral tones and they will complete the perfect Faux Fall look.
    Bottega Venegta dress
    Amun Gold Necklace
    Valentino Belt


Fall Trends for Faux Fall:

– Autumn Floral

– Fringe

– Red 

– Bottega Veneta 

– Tonal Dressing



Krista Glover has lived in the Palm Beach area for close to 5 years. After spending nearly 10 years as an event planner and design specialist for the PGA TOUR and then Golf Channel, she moved on to her next most rewarding job as a stay at home Mom. 

Now, along with “Mom-ing,” to  Cille (6) and Luc (4), she spends her time fueling fashion, beauty and wellness expertise to her nationally established brand, Chic Meets West, a website founded as a lifestyle resource for women of all ages. Additionally, she is a co-founder of the local event and decor company, Centerpieces, creating show-stopping events and interior design for local celebrities, Moms, and more!