Superhero Saturday: Charles Bender, Founding CEO of Place of Hope


Where do you live in Palm Beach County?

Palm Beach Gardens

How long have you lived here?

21 years

What do you love about living in Palm Beach County?

It is Paradise!

Do you have children?

Trish and I have three AWESOME KIDS (all grown)

What are their names and ages?

Lauren 27 (married to Brian), Emily 26 and Chase 22

What is your job description?

Founding CEO, Place of Hope and Villages of Hope

Tell us a little bit about your organization and its mission.

We are a comprehensive children and families organization caring for abused children, homeless youth and families, pregnant teens, and human trafficking survivors. Their ages are from newborn to 28. We also provide anti human trafficking education opportunities as well as child abuse prevention/family unification programs. Our Peninsula Social Enterprises provide our programs and services with sustainable funding models for our future.

Why is this work meaningful to you?

This is a calling for me and I absolutely love it! I have been here since the beginning and I plan on leading the mission as long as God will allow. I love building teams of mission minded people who desire to lift others toward hope, healing and success.

What is your favorite activity to do in Palm Beach?

I love boating. I love being a foodie along with my wife Trish. I absolutely love Florida as a whole. Paradise!


To learn more about Place of Hope, visit their website ( This year Place of Hope is celebrating 20 years of service!