Snow in South Florida: Having a White Christmas in 80 Degree Weather


Growing up, I lived in a small town in New Hampshire. It was idyllic and beautiful: fall leaves changing colors, and the hopeful anticipation of snow falling in time for Christmas. When I was 11, my family moved to South Florida. I spent my teen years in the Sunshine State, and at 18, moved back to New England for college. My friends told me that my childlike excitement at the first snowfall of the season our freshman year was contagious, and we may have had a snowball fight in the dorm parking lot.

The weather is quite a bit different in South Florida, and now that I have little kids, I find myself reminiscing about the holiday traditions I had as a child, and a lot of them involve cold weather! Of course, we can still enjoy hot chocolate, minus the freezing temps, and ice skating (indoors, not out). Here are a few ways to bring the magic of snow to your family’s holiday season:

Ice Skating

Recently, we took our kids ice skating for the first time! We went to an open skate at Palm Beach Skate Zone, and my kindergartner pushed around a little walker, and successfully cruised around the ice. Even my toddler wore tiny ice skates, and my husband I took turns skating with him. It was so much fun, I signed my older son up for ice skating lessons. It was fun to bundle the kids up, feel the cold air inside the ice rink, and watch them take part in a winter tradition! The public skate times are available here, and includes times for skating on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, complete with Santa visits, falling snow, and more.

Seeing Snow

For snow without the cold, head to CityPlace in West Palm Beach! Real snowflakes fall on the hour, at 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm, on Thursdays through Sundays during the holiday season, and at 6pm and 7pm on Mondays through Wednesdays. With the Christmas tree in the background, enjoy dinner, shopping, and music, while getting into the holiday spirit!

Also, the Mall at Wellington Green has a giant snow globe that kids can play in at no cost!

DIY Winter Wonderland

Last year, a good friend of mine bought a snow machine from Amazon, and used it to create a “winter wonderland” for a kid-friendly holiday party. The “snow” is made of a bubble-like solution, and looks like real snowflakes falling. It was fun watching the amazement on the kids’ faces to play in the snow! Even the adults enjoyed it, as well.

Those are my suggestions for bringing the winter holiday spirit to South Florida, without traveling to colder weather! Whether you are from a colder place and miss the winter during the holidays, or just want to create more Christmas cheer, these ideas will bring the magic of snow, without the chill!


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