Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites Deliver “Palm Beach Style”


My wife Katie was born at Good Samaritan Medical Center so when we were looking for a hospital for the birth of our first daughter Daisy, we went with a familiar choice. We remember the dedication of the labor nurses, the expertise of our OB-GYN, anesthesiologist and medical staff, and overall a fantastic experience with the birth of Daisy, our first child, at Good Samaritan Medical Center. Fast-forward, almost five years later and our second daughter, Poppy, was on the way and once again we chose the hospital and their new Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites at Good Samaritan Medical Center. The hospital’s commitment to this new addition is upscale, and centered on a VIP and luxurious experience. 

During our stay, we literally lived “Palm Beach Style” at the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites at Good Samaritan Medical Center. Daisy was born in room 255 and Poppy came into the world across the hall in room 254 both of which are very spacious double sized hospital rooms. Today, these rooms feature a redesign with the signature Lilly Pulitzer elegance and coordinating decor. Lilly Pulitzer is an appealing style and creates a kind of Florida meets the Caribbean, or “Floribbean” aesthetic. Decorated with bright, colorful, floral prints the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites transforms a massive patient room into a boutique hotel room with deluxe accommodations. 

These Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites rooms are much larger than normal labor hospital rooms found across our community. In fact, they are enormous which allows an elevated sense of comfort. The extended room allows an area for the new Dad or Mom to stretch out in a comfortable recliner, where they can cradle their new baby. The room extension also includes a couch with pullout sleeper, which is foldable back into a couch to host friends and family. In this side-room with waterfront views of Palm Beach, two spacious chairs sit ornamented with an orchid and functional table underneath. An oversized Lilly Pulitzer art print painted with a pink monkey hanging upside down playfully from a green Palm Tree with white orchids and pinkish hibiscus flowering about adorns the wall. It is one of many hand-painted floral, ocean and jungle themed murals. In addition, the waiting room and corridors feature Lilly Pulitzer furnishings, décor and artwork as well as bedding and window coverings dressed in Lilly Pulitzer fabrics. 

The main Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites room is spacious which makes a difference in giving Mom a chance to breathe and relax before and after birth. This main room includes a full-length accent mirror, stocked beverage refrigerator, and glamorous bathroom complete with decorator wall and floor tiles, pedestal sink and roomy shower with elegant, high-quality bath fixtures, shower curtain with a beautiful Lilly Pulitzer print. In addition, the bassinet with drawers and accented furniture with storage across the room gives both mommy and baby help to keep the area uncluttered and in-tune with the relaxing environment of the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites. 

To celebrate new beginnings, the gourmet food menu at the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites created by Good Samaritan Medical Center’s own chef includes made to order cuisine consisting of breakfast omelets, breakfast sandwiches, continental selections, classic soups and salads, wraps, sandwiches and items from the grill. Along with the concierge service, the menu has fine dining elements comparable to what you would find at a Palm Beach Island café, restaurant or hotel. The lunch and dinner menu also includes filet mignon, lobster tail and vegetables with drawn butter, jumbo shrimp cocktail, wild Alaskan salmon, chef’s fish of the day or lamb chop dinner. Both Katie and I are chefs and we both thought the food items were delicious, were of the highest-quality items and made for a memorable dining experience. In fact, the whole time we were staying at the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suite there was a sense we were not in a hospital but rather staying in a five-star hotel or resort on Palm Beach.

As for the natural birth, once again as in the case with Daisy five years earlier everything went really well with Poppy’s entry into this world. My wife did an amazing job with her pregnancies, all of the doctor’s appointments, checkups, did everything her doctors asked her to do and always with our baby’s health at the top of her mind, front and center. Leading up to us checking in at the hospital, we had several ultrasound/baby monitoring checkups at Good Samaritan Medical Center and we found the staff always welcoming, friendly and caring. The staff at the hospital takes pride in their work. They made us feel at home. Kelli Bergstrom, clinical nurse manager of the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites, gave us a tour of the upscale stylishly elegant “chic” rooms and we fell in love with the idea of having our baby in such deluxe lodgings. 

Kelli, was our point of contact during our stay and she was outstanding from the get go answering all of our questions and making sure we had everything we needed. In addition, Kelli even gave us a list of drinks we could choose from that they would stock in our room refrigerator. The choices included everything from Gatorade to cold coffee drinks, mineral waters, beer, champagne, etc. as well as that amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that the nurses made sure we would choose from and fill out each day, which helped to keep us nourished during such an important time for our family. Matt, the CNA, also checked on us during his night shifts, making sure we had everything we needed. 

It takes a team, and for both Daisy’s and Poppy’s births, we experienced clinical excellence by the registered nurses working the labor and delivery unit. The night before Poppy was born, Kelly, one of our registered nurses (RN’s) was so comforting and took the time to provide care but also went above, and beyond, by taking the time to come into our room throughout the night to talk with us. We had countless conversations about everything and found that she had been working as an RN at Good Samaritan Medical center for over 30-years and may have been working at the hospital when Katie was born in 1987. Now that defines dedication within a labor and delivery unit. Fellow RN’s Nilda and Lori were wonderful and provided exceptional care during our stay. Dr. Joshua Class, an anesthesiologist, was compassionate, and took the time to explain the epidural process to my wife and helped her select an option that was best for her birth plan. 

The day Poppy was born, RN’s Annie and Amanda were a fixture in our room while showing empathy, preparing for the birth and bringing tranquility to our suite. When it was time, Amanda told us that she was going to let our OB-GYN, Dr. Joy Cavalaris know and within five minutes, Dr. Cavalaris was in the room with the labor and delivery team. Poppy Elizabeth DiPino was born on Thursday, June 2, at 1:16 pm. Dr. Cavalaris delivered Poppy and Letecia, baby RN, was there for the birth and for the next few days checking Poppy’s health regularly day and night. Kathy Wegner, BSN, RN, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant at Good Samaritan Medical Center helped us with Daisy five-years ago and like clockwork showed up to help my wife with Poppy, via basic positioning techniques, education on breast-feeding and most importantly, support. 

Dr. Jaideep Gupta, neonatologist at Good Samaritan Medical Center, was there to check all of Poppy’s vitals and his care for a neonatal condition kept Poppy healthy during her first few days of existence. After Poppy was born, both RN’s Hawley and Cindy were in and out of our room continuously helping baby and mommy. Cindy even took the time to make Poppy a special bowed nursery hat to wear. Cindy and all of the RN’s at Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites at Good Samaritan Medical Center exhibit a remarkable care model. Katie is a pastry chef known for her decorated sugar cookies and as a thank you to the long list of labor and delivery nurses who helped us during the birth of Poppy made thank you nurse scrub and baby rattler cookies. Katie baked, decorated and packaged the cookies the day before we arrived at the hospital and gave out the cookies to the RN’s and Kelli at the unit after Poppy was born. It was a nice gesture by Katie to show appreciation for the care leading up to Poppy’s birth and the dedication of the delivery team and our amazing stay at the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites. 

The Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites at Good Samaritan Medical Center combines a steadfast devotion to labor and delivery excellence in a lavish, yet classy spacious rooms with style and high-end hotel amenities. We left the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites with our new bundle of joy, Poppy, a Lilly Pulitzer robe, swaddle set and tote bag, and went home delighted from our experience.

The Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites at Good Samaritan Medical Center provides a home away from home to welcome your baby into the world. To schedule a tour of the Birthing Center or for more information about our services visit and for more information on the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites at Good Samaritan Medical Center, or to book your room, please call 561-650-6386.

About the author:

David DiPino works as a public relations manager and has been writing professionally since 1999. He is a South Florida native, originally from Jupiter, and now lives in Boynton Beach. David enjoys life as a family man and spending time with his wife, Katie and daughters, Daisy and Poppy. In his spare time he enjoys listening and collecting music and memorabilia from his favorite band, Pearl Jam, who he’s seen in concert 27 times. David also enjoys playing guitar and spending time at the beach with his family while searching for treasures on South Florida beaches with his metal detector.


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