Delivering at Good Samaritan and their new Lilly Pulitzer Suites


We recently had the pleasure to sit down and chat with the Clinical Nurse Manager at Good Samaritan Medical Center, Kelli Bergstrom. Kelli is the mom of two teenage boys and two rescue dogs. She moved to Palm Beach County from the Boston area 3 years ago to escape the cold and be near the beach.  She has been a Labor & Delivery nurse for almost 25 years, and a year ago became Clinical Nurse Manager of Women’s Services at Good Samaritan Medical Center which includes L&D, OB, and the NICU. 

Kelli explained the benefits of delivering at Good Samaritan Medical Center and the improvements that have been made for women choosing to deliver there.  Along with their top notch staff and high level NICU, another reason to choose Good Samaritan is to deliver in one of their new updated birthing suites that have been renovated in partnership with the iconic Palm Beach brand, Lilly Pulitzer.

Kelli explained all of the amazing benefits you receive staying in the newly remodeled Lilly Pulitzer Suites.

A few of her favorites are:

All of the Lilly rooms are a great size.

Everything in the suites is brand new.

Your partner will get a double pull-out bed.

You get to enjoy the amazing water view.

The suites include top-concierge service, including the VIP food & beverage menu as well as a fully stocked mini bar.

At Good Samaritan, you will labor and deliver and remain in the same room for the rest of your stay.  You don’t have to move to different rooms throughout your stay.  This means if you reserve a Lilly Suite, you will have it the whole time!

So how do you ensure that you deliver in a Lilly Suite?  

You have to reserve the room by either going to their website or calling 561-650-6386.  The cost is $1500 per delivery.  

How do you know that you will get one of the suites when you are ready to deliver?

After you make the reservation, you will get a 5 day window that the room is reserved for you. This window includes two days before your due date and two days after.  You are not charged until you deliver.  

Make sure to ask your provider if they deliver at Good Samaritan or you can always call and the staff will email you a list of providers that already deliver at the hospital.

Kelli also explained all of the Lilly Pulitzer items you and your baby will leave the hospital with: 

A diaper bag with a gift card to have it embroidered, a stuffed animal, a onesie, a beautiful bath robe, a blanket and cosmetic bag.

For more information about delivering at Good Samaritan Medical Center and the Lilly Pulitzer Suites or to schedule a tour, please visit







Thank you to Good Samaritan Medical Center for partnering with Palm Beach Mom Collective to bring you this great information!